Gardening log for 29-30 December

Gardening for me is like searching the internet—I get distracted easily and next thing I know, I’m down the rabbit hole. Take today, for example. Got out about 1:00 to enjoy the 60°F weather, with plans to plant some more trees and shrubs. I took the tiny sourwood to the woods along the driveway to find a spot. I saw an evergreen shrub with dark berries, and the Plant Identification group on Facebook confirmed my suspicions: Ligustrum, or privet. I had a couple of these from previous owners and they had spread. The originals were cut down last year. So of course, I had to cut this down first. Continue reading “Gardening log for 29-30 December”

Gardening log week of December 24

We have officially had the most rain in a year on record (since 1944): 59.2 inches as of 28-Dec. Average is 41 inches. 34 of 52 weekends, we have had rain. We are within 0.6 inches of our wettest winter ever–57.10″ so far. So when I get both several days without rain AND holidays, I get to work!

I did the milk jugs last year and it seemed a lot of fuss because I had some family health issues going on. This year, I’m going back to what a daylily hybridizer told me–just plant them in the flats and set them outside. They’re on shelves because Callie likes to walk around out here and she will blunder into them if they are on the floor (she’s blind). I’ll move them to the sunny side of the house in March.

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2018 Fall Planting

I haven’t posted in a while; more on that at the bottom of this post.

After  observing my small prairie garden and the rest of my yard during this wet summer, I noticed the tall grass and goldenrods were falling over. More of this weird grass had sprouted up as well. I showed this picture to the person at NCBG’s grass area during their fall sale, and with his ID, suddenly it all clicked.

Wool grass, Scirpus cyperinus

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I’m Done with Winter

We’ve had a fairly normal winter until the end of December, then WHAM!! Early in the morning on December 31, we dipped below freezing and stayed there for over a week—200 hours—breaking a record from 1979, and the first week of January was the coldest ever on record.

There was snow on Wednesday, about an scant inch here and more west and south; the lowest it got here in Durham was 3°F, and in Pittsboro with more snow, it got down to 0°F! We finally rose above freezing Monday morning. Tuesday we reached 63°F, and by Friday we hit 73°F—100° above the low just five days prior.

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Reusable vs. recycleable

Do you know where that blue can of mixed recyclables goes every two weeks?

Much of it goes to China, but that may end in January. In July, China informed the World Trade Organization that it would ban “imports of 24 types of recycled materials including various plastics (PET, PE, PVC and PS), as well as unsorted mixed paper, textiles, and some trace metals. And according to Beijing, starting in January every waste container entering China is to be inspected for contaminated materials”, according to Bloomberg BNA. Much of the recycling we send is contaminated, meaning that it’s mixed with other recyclables or garbage. When it get to the Chinese processing plants, it requires people to pick through it, and the garbage has to be disposed of in China—after being trucked and shipped all the way from the U.S.

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