Visiting the Chatham Mills Pollinator Paradise Garden

Debbie Roos is the Chatham County Agricultural Extension Agent and is building a showcase garden at Chatham Mills in Pittsboro. Designed to show local gardeners and farmers how to use native plants to increase their pollinator population and diversity, it’s also a lovely place to visit. Then you can grab lunch at the Chatham Marketplace co-op, or have a drink from Starrlight Mead, and sit on the patio surrounded by beauty.

The temperature was hovering around 90*F, so only a few people came out Wednesday. The flowers were blooming and the leaves were upright, even though nothing except new plants are watered. Debbie knows the name of each plant, its habits, and which flowers it can enhance.

There’s also an herb garden and several bee houses, including a newly installed pebble habitat on the ground.



All of the plants are from local nurseries, and Debbie has several plant lists and information available here.


This cup plant (Silphium perfoliatum) is over seven feet tall! The leaves form a cup around the stem and hold water that invites insects and birds.

If you can, plan to make a few trips over the growing season to see the changes.

For more information:

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