Spring at last!

After several false starts following freezes, we are finally in the spring-time weather, although the last two days had lows in the low 40s. I’ve been busy planting!

Coreopsis auriculata
The first coreopsis to bloom, little Lobed Coreopsis (Coreopsis auriculata).

Here’s what I’ve planted this week:

  • Buttonbush, Cephalanthus occidentalis, two planted on the west side of the driveway in the floodplain. There’s a large Chinese privet growing there that I will remove soon.
  • Small Anise Tree, Illicium parviflorum, dug up from the power-line hedge because they were in full sun and not happy, after my neighbor cleared his woods on the other side of the road. I removed a large ligustrum and planted these on either side of the driveway south of the drainage pipe. Hopefully, they will like that spot and start spreading, so that I can remove the forsythia there. Erosion is a concern so I will leave the forsythia for now.
  • Planted basil in the garden.
  • Planted artichokes in the winterberry bed.
  • Plumleaf Azalea, Rhododendron prunifolium, on the slope near the north side of the house
  • Bay Laurel, Laurus nobilis, planted near the bottlebrush buckeye on the western edge of the woods. I hope that gives it enough cover. It’s planted behind a small hickory sapling as a nurse plant to provide shade for Year 1. It’s only hardy in zones 7b-11, and while we are technically in zone 8 now (according to the Arbor Day Foundation), January’s weather begs to differ. The first week  of January had a mean temp of 23° F, with a minimum mean of 14° F. Average dewpoint was 1° F.
  • Tea camellia ‘Dave’s Favorite’, Camellia sinensis, two planted along the fence behind the pawpaws. I need an evergreen hedge for the neighbors there, so fingers crossed.

I’ve also been covering the island bed with cardboard and woodchips in an attempt to kill off the vinca, liriope, wild rose, winter creeper, etc. etc. The serviceberry that I planted last year to replace the ornamental cherry is slow to emerge, but it finally emerged this week and looks good now.


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