New Year’s Day 2019

Last year, the high temperature was 27°F, and the low was 14°F. Today, those temperatures were 70°F and 65°F, respectively. Tree frogs are chirping, wasps and flies are in the air, and my native azaleas have bulging, green buds showing. I saw a bat last night, flitting about for some food.

Neither day is ideal.


These early spring signs are wasted energy, making animals and plants vulnerable to the possible four months of freezing weather yet to come—our normal last freeze date is around April 15. Last year, we had an extended spell of far below-normal temperatures that killed many plants and animals. Now we could be having a mild winter overall, and an early spring (again), but we could also have a another below-normal week, or two.

Long-range forecast from Allan Huffman (Twitter feed @RaleighWx) is for above average for the next two weeks and then getting closer to average for the rest of January and February. Hopefully, that is what happens.

I hope everyone has a happy and fruitful New Year!

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