A little variation…

So I’m in the mood for color this year, apparently. I put all of my mother’s orphaned bearded irises in a bed. Then I thought, there should be color all summer, so I started looking for reblooming iris. And I found that there are several different sizes of bearded iris, with bloom times roughly associated with size–the smallest ones bloom first. But still, there’s a gap during the summer… gladiolus! Variegated irises! Needless to say, I’ve gone a bit overboard.

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Designing the flood plain

There is an ephemeral stream running parallel with the road on my property. I realized this winter that feral ligustrum had sprouted up all along the western end, so I pulled all that out. It’s a nice space without the Japanese stilt grass (Microstegium vimineum), poison ivy, and common dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum); I decided to accept the challenge and try some native plantings.

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Gardening log week of December 24

We have officially had the most rain in a year on record (since 1944): 59.2 inches as of 28-Dec. Average is 41 inches. 34 of 52 weekends, we have had rain. We are within 0.6 inches of our wettest winter ever–57.10″ so far. So when I get both several days without rain AND holidays, I get to work!

I did the milk jugs last year and it seemed a lot of fuss because I had some family health issues going on. This year, I’m going back to what a daylily hybridizer told me–just plant them in the flats and set them outside. They’re on shelves because Callie likes to walk around out here and she will blunder into them if they are on the floor (she’s blind). I’ll move them to the sunny side of the house in March.

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2018 Fall Planting

I haven’t posted in a while; more on that at the bottom of this post.

After  observing my small prairie garden and the rest of my yard during this wet summer, I noticed the tall grass and goldenrods were falling over. More of this weird grass had sprouted up as well. I showed this picture to the person at NCBG’s grass area during their fall sale, and with his ID, suddenly it all clicked.

Wool grass, Scirpus cyperinus

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