white crab spider, Mecaphesa sp.

It’s like a Pet Sematary out there!

The milkweed is full of life and death tonight, like the terrifying cemetery in Stephen King’s novel. I was late getting out in the yard, so it was close to dusk and storm clouds were rolling in.

I wandered out to harvest a couple more figs from my baby tree, which is next to the milkweed patch. I always looked for Monarch cats; I haven’t had any this year. As I searched for any missing leaves among the throngs of oleander aphids, I suddenly stop. Could it be…?

Monarch caterpillar, Danaus plexippus
Monarch caterpillar, Danaus plexippus

YES!! Only one, but there it was! (Apparently, when the light is low my iPhone camera doesn’t focus as sharply.)

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